Tiki Hut Bar

Tiki Hut Bar
I made a tiki hut in one day

base size

base size
basic frame

front and side tiki hut with roof

front and side tiki hut with roof
front view and side view tiki frame (this diagram is not to scale)

tiki roof diagram (top view)

tiki roof diagram (top view)
roof of tiki

Building a Tiki Hut is not as hard as you think. Dont worry this info is all for FREE!!!!

Tiki Hut building supplies:

10 = 2x4-8ft

1 = 2x12-10ft

4 = 2x8-8ft landscape timbers

1 = box nails, 16 penny

1 = box nails, 20 penny

1 = Roll of Reed fence, 16 feet

Tiki Hut Tools:

Hammer, Chop saw, Circular saw, measure tape, speed square, level, pencil

Tiki Hut build time:

1 hours to pick up supplies and home depot

6 hours of build time

Tiki hut space needed to accomodate finished Tiki hut:

12 feet length

8 feet in width

Note: construct the tiki hut near the place that you intend to house it.

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